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Finding Your Path to Health

Naturopathic Medicine & Massage Therapy in Merrimack, N.H.

Living in the Know

Program Overview

Embracing Personal Growth...

Want the life you don’t dare dream about? The one you imagine in your best moments. The place you innately know you can go, but don’t because you’re feeling...

Emotionally Hijacked,
Sick with Emotional or Physical Pain,
Spiritually Disconnected,
Shut Down.

Especially when the life you have feels hard.

Many people today are living with anxiety, frustration, and fear and trying their best to cope with daily overwhelm, chronic pain, and declining health. Losing hope that there is a way out. Afraid things are spinning out of control.

Daily headaches and neck pain after only a few hours on the computer don’t work with your deadline and agenda this week.

Missed Opportunities

The energy to advance your career and be involved with your spouse and kids after a long day of work wasn’t included in your benefits package.
Missing out on playtime with your grandkids because you can’t bend down to the floor with your knee pain is not exactly what you anticipated for your “golden” years.
A retirement calendar filled with doctor visits and the added expense of monthly prescriptions wasn’t exactly what imagined saving for all those years.


The lack of sex and intimacy is killing that fire you used to tend so well with your partner, despite your wanting a better relationship and your sex drive back.
We know how important it is that you look and feel your best when your son comes home to visit from college with his new friends. We all need time and energy to show up to the kids soccer games, recitals, and performances. You want to feel good enough to say yes to that girls night out. 

We get it, you’re feeling tested on every level.

Let Go of your Pain. Manage your Stress Response. Feel like Yourself again.

You know you need a care-plan-of-attack and you need a place to start. One that allows you to start from here, just as you are, and move forward to:

1) Develop a self-care process
2) Achieve tremendous capacity for survival of spirit in times of stress

3) Learn to trust your own process of self-healing

What to Expect During Your Discovery Call

Help us learn more about the pain you're struggling with.
You’ll receive thoughtful feedback and information about your individual situation.
We will listen and provide suggestions to help direct your care.

If you are a good fit for our services,
we’ll discuss how we can help you
change the future of your health & schedule your first appointment!

Join us  a path embracing personal growth.

Recover. Build a Foundation. Promote Longevity.

Welcome to Body Stress Solutions

We are Dr. Jen and Dave, a husband and wife team of nine years now. We married each other in 2012 and joined our massage businesses in 2014 to form Body Stress Solutions. Our vision for this integrative health clinic is born from our desire to help you recover more fully from pain and reverse your health decline. We love what we do!!!

Finding in our own health journeys that the standard of care (what most of us receive through our health insurance plan) doesn’t support being healthy so much as taking really good care of you when you are sick.

Our services and specialties all focus on proactivity and prevention to make sure you don’t get stuck on the downward spiral of health so many are facing today.

Are you ready to do something different and go in a different direction?

Natural Solutions for Pain Relief

Are you looking for relief from chronic pain without having to take NSAIDs and other medications on a regular basis?

Have you tried physical therapy with only limited results?

Are you trying to avoid surgery and the costly, sometimes painful, recovery that it entails?

If you have had an acute injury, arthritis, chronic pain or degeneration, we have effective therapies restore function without drugs and or surgery. Take our pain survey and see if you qualify for one of our pain relief programs.

Consultations and Treatments
for Pain Relief

The body has an incredible ability to heal from injuries. For various reasons including instability, systemic inflammation, hormonal imbalance and stress, the body may not completely heal an injury and you are left with chronic pain (pain that has persisted more than 6 weeks.)

This pain may have an orthopedic or musculoskeletal component, but the fact that it persists is what is key, i.e. the body isn’t able to heal on it’s own. Not only does the damaged area need to be addressed, but so does the causes of the inflammation, degeneration and continual pain itself.

Learn about our clinic and how we use injection therapies to restore function, decrease inflammation and other triggers of chronic pain.


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